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Tom Parsons und Miss Rhythm Sophie in der Johnny Cash Show - The Man, His World, His Music
The Johnny Cash Show - The Man, His World, His Music 
is much more than just a concert.
From the beginnings of the young J.R. Cash to the legendary Man in Black, you can experience Johnny Cash's life story in a live concert with a deep insight into the background of the most important stations of his life.
The greatest love story in show business.
A ring of fire, music stamping like a train and razor sharp with the irresistible June Carter ...
Did you know, that in the year of 1959 Johnny Cash introduced the 13-year-old young Dolly Parton to the Grand Ole Opry?
Or did you know June Carter had a "very good friendship" with Elvis?
Did you know that Johnny Cash has also toured with Patsy Cline?
This and much more can be found out in one of the best Johnny Cash Tribute shows in Europe.
Tom Parsons as Johnny Cash in The Man, His World, His Music

TOM PARSONS as Johnny Cash

Tom Parsons was born in 1977 in Bavaria, near Passau. Because his grandparents lived in the USA, Tom had sympathy and love for the American culture and their music, from an early age on. His idols, such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and Peter Kraus and Ted Herold, greatly influenced his future paths. Hardly anyone else his age was interested in that kinda musicstyle.
At the age of 16, Tom had his first, on stage experience, while the well-known Rockabilly band "The Jets" from England performed one of their concerts in Munich, spontaneously Tom was called up on stage where he got to sing the Presley song "Teddy Bear" with the Jets. That was the beginning of Toms music career. Tom then learned to play the guitar and had his first band and first live performances in the mid-90s. Until 2005, he won many talent contests and reached the 4th place in a Bavarian-wide talent contest with more than 500 participants.
In 2006 he recorded the Elvis song "Baby let's play house". The song was completely re-arranged and appeared almost exactly 50 years later then Presley's version The single is available in stores germany wide. At the International Country Music Award, which takes place every year in a Western town in Bavaria, Parsons won the award with his successful Rockabilly Trio. In 2012 he also won the Award as the best solo artist. Along with many other songs, he finally convinced the jury with Johnny Cash most difficult song "I've been Everywhere". The difficult Lyrics include 90 cities of the USA which Tom Parsons learned within a few days.
Like his great Idol Johnny Cash, Tom also played a few gigs in prison. Between 2011 and 2013 he played behind bars in Munich Stadlheim, Stuttgart Stammheim, JVA Bayreuth and in Aschaffenburg with his rock'n roll band "Tom Parsons & the Rat Cats". The Band appeared with Cover songs in various radio stations. In addition to his numerous live performances, Tom Parsons speaks various radio commercials.
With his extraordinary voice and striking stage presence, he has already performed several hundred gigs on stages throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Miss Rhythm Sophie as June Carter

Miss Rhythm Sophie was born in 1989 as Zsófia Fenyvesi in Szekszard Hungary. At the age of 5, she began to learn classical piano, and shortly afterwards she learned to play the guitar. As part of the College School Choir she discovered her talent for singing.

In 2008, she began studying in Budapest, where she was about to start her music career. She started her first band, "Sophie and the Rhythm Rats," a year later she sang with the biggest and most popular blues bands in all of Hungary. She was unstoppable now. With appearances in television shows like "The Lottery Show" and “The morning Show” she has become more and more popular. Since then, she has been touring throughout Europe and has become an integral part of the greatest rhythm and blues and rockabilly festivals.

Even on YouTube she has more than 1.7 million viewers of her own two video clips.

The albums "Good morning Mr. Blues" (2010 / Hungary), "Born to live the blues" (2015 / France - Rydell Records) and the single "Rockabilly Queens" are available in official trade.

In 2011, Rhythm Sophie came to Germany, as the prospects for the success of Hungarian musicians are very limited. Miss Rhythm Sophie and singer Tom Parsons met at a festival in Germany in 2013. Shortly thereafter, the first performance took place in Austria, which should initially be a spontaneous performance.

Tom knew right away; Miss Rhythm Sophie was the perfect part in in his new Johnny Cash Show "The Man, His World, His Music" as June Carter.

Miss Rhythm Sophie as June Carter in The Man, His World, His Music

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